Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies + Weekend Update

We all know Wednesday is the best day of the week {besides Friday of course}. Everyone has conquered half of the week and only a couple more days until the weekend! {whoop whoop} To celebrate your “half week accomplishment” you should make these tasty Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies. You won’t be disappointed.

Quick update on our California life:


Friday night the hubs and I went toΒ True Food Kitchen. One word: Incredible. This place is a must for anyone in the Santa Monica area.


Saturday we drove the Beverly Hills and found this amazing view. Too bad there was a lot of fog.


Have I mentioned how much I love California sunsets?


Sunday we drove to Malibu. The endless mountains and ocean are simply a beautiful sight.


This view is even better in person.


Right before the sunset overlooking the mountains in Malibu.


Have I mentioned how much I love Joy the BakerΒ and her new cookbook? Well, I love it. Her recipes have yet to disappoint. These Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies are from her new cookbook.Β Her cookbook is my “go-to” for baking cravings.


Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies (recipe from here)

Click on the link for the needed ingredients and detailed instructions!

Avocado Toast up next!


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