New Year. New State. New Beginnings.

It has been way too long since I have blogged. A few {well actually a lot} has changed over the past couple months. I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in California. Yep. California.

Last November the hubs received news of a job transfer. We quickly packed our belongs and moved across the country in less than 2 months. To say the least it has been a whirlwind. We are living in Santa Monica as the hubs works in the Beverly Hills area. {I laugh every time I mention his work location}

I currently love living in Santa Monica. Living 5 blocks from the pier and ocean is so refreshing. Morning runs along the beach and mountains just can’t be beat. Unpacking has kept us busy. We are hoping to meet friends and get adjusted quickly!

Fun facts I have learned living in Santa Monica in a whopping 3 days:

  • The weather is AMAZING. No joke. Shorts and tanks are the current attire for the locals.
  • Everyone runs on coffee. Each block has a different local coffee shop. Guess that means I have to try each one.
  • Juices, smoothies and shakes. Oh My.
  • Time to hit the local gym. I have never seen more fit and toned people in my entire life.
  • Yoga mats + yoga pants. I have never experienced yoga, but apparently I need to join the club.

photo 2

Morning view along running route.

photo 3

Walking distance from our home in Santa Monica.

photo 1

New recipes coming soon! {At least once all the boxes are unpacked}


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