Good Morning from Alabama!

We finally made it to Alabama! {Hence the title} I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and will have a relaxing weekend! It has been way too long since I have posted. From flat tires to tornadoes this week has been quite eventful. I have also been without internet for an entire week! There is so much to share!


Β My last week in NC these sweet friends took me to lunch. I could not be more thankful for them! {Baby Wells was being bashful. Missing that little guy}


One week ago today, movers loaded all of our belongings and hauled them to Alabama! It was one emotional day.


Β Our last picture in front of our house! So many memories. That evening we stayed with some friends in LaGrange. We were able to see their super cute house for the first time too!

{Check out Paige’s blog! You won’t regret it.}


My incredible parents came to help us unpack and get our home situated. They helped out so much! Could not have done it without them.


So thankful for the hubs and all his hard work! He will be in NC for the next 2 months finishing the work project. It will be a hard couple months being apart, but blessed to have friends and family nearby for encouragement!


We may have been a week late, but we cut into our top layer! Still cannot believe we have been married one year.

Slowly but surely we will be settled in Alabama! Recipes to come next week!


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