Orange Blueberry Muffins

Spring is finally here! {At least that is what the calendar says} I am over all the cold weather and ready for the constant warm sunshine!

This past week has been crazy and an emotional roller coaster. We are so thankful we are finally home and getting back into our daily routine. We are looking forward to staying in town and spending time with our sweet friends before we move. {sad face}

Nothing sounds better to me than some warm orange blueberry muffins. I had some random ingredients in my kitchen, typed in a Google search and came across these babies! De-li-cious. I found this recipe on Cook Eat Paleo and connected me to gfe!

Some other good newsโ€ฆI completed my 24 Day Challenge! Let me just say I highly suggest you look into Advocare. I have lost weight, gained so much energy and feel better than I ever have before! Seriously. The hubs and I are distributors so if you are interested. Shoot me an email and I will get you hooked up!

Now onto those wonderful muffins. The recipe calls for “ghee”. Ghee is generally used in Indian cooking. Making a run to the grocery store was not on my to-do list, so I substituted ghee with butter. This has a 1:1 ratio.


Orange Blueberry Muffinsย (recipe from here)


Start your morning off right and enjoy these delicious muffins!

Coming soon: Dessert with flour, sugar, chocolate and eggs. Yes I said those words.

Stay tuned!


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