Worthy of Praise

Do you tend to recognize your selfishness when you are finally hit with a life changing event? Possibly one that seems larger than what you can handle? This happened to Brady and me this past week.

His grandaddy had been sick for a few weeks and suddenly went downhill within a matter of hours. Once we received the phone call, we quickly purchased plane tickets and arrived in Texas within 24 hours. Want to know the ironic thing? We had planned a trip to Alabama for the weekend, one that included house hunting and a shower for some dear friends. The Lord works in mysterious ways to show your personal sinfulness. It was a struggle to realize I had to drop all my previous plans that had been engraved in my planner months in advance.

After arriving in Texas, Brady and I quickly made a trip to the hospital. We sat for hours with his grandaddy and family. The following morning he was called to be with our Heavenly Father. This brought back several memories that I had recently experienced with my grandparents within the past year. Thankfully they were believers and have been rejoicing with the Lord. I am so thankful and blessed I was able to be with Brady and his family during this difficult time.

My self consuming thoughts about my previous plans for the weekend quickly vanished. The Lord has slowly but surely shown me His everlasting love and support this past week. The Lord brought the following verse to my attention:

Proverbs 16:9
“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”

We as humans make plans. We write them in our calendars and refuse to budge from our planned activity. We like routine {me included}. We like our comfort zone. We forget {daily} the Lord may have different plans for us. We may kick and scream if our plans are altered and complain along the way. Well that was me.

The morning grandaddy passed, the Lord showed His power and comfort in the sunrise. We are to live for His glory. We are to remember He is our strength and we will never grow weary. The Lord is sovereign and His will is perfect. His name is great and worthy to be praised. {Psalm 96:4}



Brady’s grandaddy lived a wonderful life and is worshiping with Christ for eternity. How amazing is that?

I pray my life would reflect the love of Christ daily. That my sinfulness would continually be made known to me. Praise the Lord for His continuous grace and mercy.


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