Snacking and Packing 101

Time to celebrate!  It is finally Friday.  Whoop whoop!  What are your plans for the weekend?  


The hubs and I are packing our bags and meeting some friends in Asheville for the weekend! {Biltmore tickets already purchased}  This will be our last weekend vacay before moving back to good ole’ Alabama in April.  Want to know the only downside to traveling over the weekends??  Our bank account.  Before we know it, we are swiping that magical piece of plastic several times a day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, gas, coffee, trinkets, etc.  Half the time we forget what we even purchased!

We have recently improved.  A lot.  We don’t want to deprive ourselves from a nice and relaxing getaway, but we have learned to compromise in areas.

First of all, I LOVE snacks.  Seriously.  I would rather snack throughout the day then sit down for three separate meals. You know what that means?  Cha-ching.  Money signs.  We now have a plan every time we go out of town….pack our own snacks and breakfast.

You may be thinking “well duh”.  Easy?  Not really.  Packing snacks and food items for a vacation can actually take lots of planning. The hubs and I eat breakfast every morning but don’t necessarily need the entire breakfast buffet to satisfy us. If you are one that enjoys a well rounded breakfast in the morning, then go out and enjoy! Breakfast is always the best way to start your day.

Below are a few tips!


  • Complimentary breakfast?  If your hotel has breakfast then you got it covered! Take an additional piece of fruit from breakfast and save it for a snack.
  • Mini fridge?  If your hotel does not include breakfast, make sure your room has a fridge! It will be your best friend.
  • Milk & OJ.  Brady and I always pack a small container of milk and OJ (his favorite) and keep it in the fridge. Most rooms provide a mini coffee maker. So there you have it…one free cup of “joe”!
  • Oatmeal/Cereal.  Oatmeal for me, cereal for the hubs. This is packed for every trip along with some fruit to have on the side.
  • Utensils.  Plastic is best.  Most hotels have plastic utensils in the lobby, but make sure you check ahead of time.  If not pack a few plastic spoons from home for your oatmeal or cereal.


  • Fruit, fruit, fruit.  I eat fruit daily so this is usually my “go-to” for snacks. The easiest fruits to pack are apples and bananas. They both last for a long time and don’t need to be refrigerated.  {Clementines and grapes are also great travel fruits.  No knife required.}
  • Not a fan of fruit?  Granola bars, trail mix or almonds are wonderful. No refrigeration needed.  Remember the granola I made this week?  Already packed.
  • H2O.  We also keep water bottles in our car.  That way we don’t have to stop at gas stations during the day and pay for drinks.  Before heading out of town I usually run to Target and purchase a box of Gatorade for the hubs and water for myself.

{Bring a cooler}

  • Stay cool.  A cooler or insulated bag will be your lifesaver during car rides. I always pack our TJ’s (Trader Joe’s) insulated bag that keeps all our food cold for hours. You can fill it with ice or plastic ice packs.  {I am no longer a teenager, but I still want one of these.}
  • Ice Ice Baby.  If your room does not have a fridge you can always use your cooler or insulated bag instead. You can refill it with ice when you get to the hotel to keep the food chilled.
  • Freeze!  I prefer ice packs over ice. No melting involved. Once in your hotel room simply place the ice pack in the mini fridge freezer (there is usually a teeny tiny one on top of the mini fridge) and let it freeze over night!

Now that you have saved some cash for breakfast and snacks, go enjoy a nice lunch and dinner!  Brady and I love splurging on dinner.  Now we don’t go overboard, but we feel so much better spending a little more on dinner since we stayed conservative with breakfast each morning.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend!  I hope some of you benefit from these money saving tips.  If you have any suggestions let me know!  I would love to hear!


2 thoughts on “Snacking and Packing 101

  1. This is awesome, Alli! I like the breakfast idea, we never think to bring this but it would be such a money saver. Same with the snacks and waters!

    Some fancy restaurants have “early bird” specials where they offer (sometimes hefty) discounts for eating dinner before a certain time. We’ve done some pretty lavish wining and dining for half of what it would’ve cost us to eat an hour or two later. The trick is just finding restaurants that offer this! It’s especially nice to do this when we’re out of town–we can fully experience the new food/atmosphere without paying an arm and a leg 😉

    Have I mentioned that I love this blog??!

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